Sunday, October 16, 2011

Every single Democrat but Hollings voted against Glass-Steagall repeal

Martha Koester provides this information about the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999.

Even the bluest of the blue dogs. Every single Republican, even the more moderate ones, voted for it.  This needs to be shoved in the faces of the Larouchies and their Hitler moustaches.  The really bad news is that Clinton could have vetoed it, and with a 54/44 Yea vote, that veto would not have been overrriden.
YEAs - 54
NAYs - 44
Nay HI Akaka, Daniel D
Nay MT Baucus, Max D
Nay IN Bayh, Evan D
Nay DE Biden, Joseph D
Nay NM Bingaman, Jeff D
Nay CA Boxer, Barbara D
Nay LA Breaux, John D
Nay NV Bryan, Richard D
Nay WV Byrd, Robert D
Nay GA Cleland, J. D
Nay ND Conrad, Kent D
Nay SD Daschle, Thomas D
Nay CT Dodd, Christopher D
Nay ND Dorgan, Byron D
Nay IL Durbin, Richard D
Nay NC Edwards, John D
Nay WI Feingold, Russell D
Nay CA Feinstein, Dianne D
Nay FL Graham, Bob D
Nay IA Harkin, Thomas D
Nay HI Inouye, Daniel D
Nay SD Johnson, Tim D
Nay MA Kennedy, Edward D
Nay NE Kerrey, J. D
Nay MA Kerry, John D
Nay WI Kohl, Herbert D
Nay LA Landrieu, Mary D
Nay NJ Lautenberg, Frank D
Nay VT Leahy, Patrick D
Nay MI Levin, Carl D
Nay CT Lieberman, Joseph D
Nay AR Lincoln, Blanche D
Nay MD Mikulski, Barbara D
Nay NY Moynihan, Daniel D
Nay WA Murray, Patty D
Nay RI Reed, John D
Nay NV Reid, Harry D
Nay VA Robb, Charles D
Nay WV Rockefeller, John D
Nay MD Sarbanes, Paul D
Nay NY Schumer, Charles D
Nay NJ Torricelli, Robert D
Nay MN Wellstone, Paul D
Nay OR Wyden, Ron D
Yea MI Abraham, Spencer R
Yea CO Allard, Wayne R
Yea MO Ashcroft, John R
Yea UT Bennett, Robert R
Yea MO Bond, Christopher R
Yea KS Brownback, Samuel R
Yea KY Bunning, Jim R
Yea MT Burns, Conrad R
Yea CO Campbell, Ben R
Yea RI Chafee, John R
Yea MS Cochran, Thad R
Yea ME Collins, Susan R
Yea GA Coverdell, Paul R
Yea ID Craig, Larry R

Yea ID Crapo, Michael R
Yea OH DeWine, Michael R
Yea NM Domenici, Pete R
Yea WY Enzi, Michael R
Yea TN Frist, William R
Yea WA Gorton, T. R
Yea TX Gramm, Phil R
Yea MN Grams, Rod R
Yea IA Grassley, Charles R
Yea NH Gregg, Judd R
Yea NE Hagel, Charles R
Yea UT Hatch, Orrin R
Yea NC Helms, Jesse R

Yea SC Hollings, Ernest D
Yea AR Hutchinson, Tim
Yea TX Hutchison, Kay R
Yea VT Jeffords, James R
Yea AZ Kyl, Jon R
Yea MS Lott, Trent R
Yea IN Lugar, Richard R
Yea FL Mack, Connie R
Yea AZ McCain, John R
Yea KY McConnell, Mitch R
Yea AK Murkowski, Frank R
Yea OK Nickles, Don R
Yea KS Roberts, Pat R
Yea DE Roth, William R
Yea PA Santorum, Richard R
Yea AL Sessions, Jefferson R
Yea AL Shelby, Richard R
Yea NH Smith, Bob R
Yea OR Smith, Gordon R
Yea ME Snowe, Olympia R
Yea PA Specter, Arlen R

Yea AK Stevens, Ted R
Yea WY Thomas, Craig R
Yea TN Thompson, Fred R
Yea SC Thurmond, J. R
Yea OH Voinovich, George R
Yea VA Warner, John R
Not Voting OK Inhofe, James R
Present IL Fitzgerald, Peter R

And the research continues:

From: Diana McGinness
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 1:33 PM

Martha, you didn’t go far enough – that was only the first vote before it was reconciled with the House bill.  Only 7 Dems and 1 Rep voted against in the end.  We were sold out by the bi-partisan majorities in both parties. 


Nay        WI          Feingold, Russell [D]
Nay        ND          Dorgan, Byron [D]
Nay        NV          Bryan, Richard [D]
Nay        MN         Wellstone, Paul [D]
Nay        MD         Mikulski, Barbara [D]
Nay        IA           Harkin, Thomas [D]
Nay        CA          Boxer, Barbara [D]
Nay        AL          Shelby, Richard [R]

In the house: 5 Rs voted nay  and 52 Ds

Nay        CA-6      Woolsey, Lynn [D]
Nay        CA-7      Miller, George [R]
Nay        CA-9      Lee, Barbara [D]
Nay        CA-15    Campbell, Tom [R]
Nay        CA-18    Condit, Gary [D]
Nay        CA-29    Waxman, Henry [D]
Nay        CA-32    Dixon, Julian [D]
Nay        CA-33    Roybal-Allard, Lucille [D]
Nay        CA-35    Waters, Maxine [D]
Nay        CA-50    Filner, Bob [D]
Nay        CO-5      Hefley, Joel [R]
Nay        CT-2       Gejdenson, Sam [D]
Nay        CT-3       DeLauro, Rosa [D]
Nay        FL-5       Thurman, Karen [D]
Nay        FL-7       Mica, John [R]
Nay        FL-17     Meek, Carrie [D]
Nay        FL-23     Hastings, Alcee [D]
Nay        GA-4      McKinney, Cynthia [D]
Nay        GA-5      Lewis, John [D]
Nay        IL-1        Rush, Bobby [D]
Nay        IL-2        Jackson, Jesse [D]
Nay        IL-3        Lipinski, William [D]
Nay        IL-4        Gutierrez, Luis [D]
Nay        IL-7        Davis, Danny [D]
Nay        IL-9        Schakowsky, Janice [D]
Nay        IL-12      Costello, Jerry [D]
Nay        IL-17      Evans, Lane [D]
Nay        IL-19      Phelps, David [D]
Nay        MA-4     Frank, Barney [D]
Nay        MA-6     Tierney, John [D]
Nay        MA-7     Markey, Edward [D]
Nay        MA-8     Capuano, Michael [D]
Nay        MI-9       Kildee, Dale [D]
Nay        MI-13    Rivers, Lynn [D]
Nay        MI-14    Conyers, John [D]
Nay        MI-16    Dingell, John [D]
Nay        MN-6     Luther, William [D]
Nay        MS-5      Taylor, Gene [D]
Nay        MO-1     Clay, William [D]
Nay        NY-16    Serrano, José [D]
Nay        NY-26    Hinchey, Maurice [D]
Nay        OH-9      Kaptur, Marcy [D]
Nay        OH-10    Kucinich, Dennis [D]
Nay        OR-4      DeFazio, Peter [D]
Nay        PA-1       Brady, Robert [D]
Nay        PA-2       Fattah, Chaka [D]
Nay        PA-14     Coyne, William [D]
Nay        SC-1       Sanford, Marshall [R]
Nay        TX-6       Barton, Joe [R]
Nay        TX-11    Edwards, Thomas [D]
Nay        TX-28    Rodriguez, Ciro [D]
Nay        VT-0       Sanders, Bernard [I]
Nay        WA-1     Inslee, Jay [D]
Nay        WA-7     McDermott, James [D]
Nay        WI-2       Baldwin, Tammy [D]
Nay        WI-5       Barrett, Thomas [D]
Nay        WI-7       Obey, David [D]