Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Support our option to choose a public health plan!

From the Washington State Labor Council:

We need health care reform in 2009! But the chances of getting real reform are in jeopardy, and Washington Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray need to hear from YOU to achieve this goal.

As a fundamental component of health care reform, President Obama has proposed that businesses and families have the choice of keeping the insurance they have or buying into a public health insurance plan that competes with private insurers to lower costs and keep the insurance industry honest. Recently, proposals are surfacing in the Senate Finance Committee (on which Sen. Cantwell sits) that delay or dilute the public option, such as with private health "co-ops."

Sen. Patty Murray has publicly supported Obama’s vision for health care reform, including the choice of a public health insurance plan. But Sen. Cantwell has yet to unequivocally endorse a public option. Sen. Murray should be thanked for her support, and we must encourage Sen. Cantwell to stand with us in supporting the public option.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Co-sponsors tables at health care forums

Co-sponsors tables at health care forums - June 23rd (Tacoma), June 30th (Seattle/Shoreline)


Several items:

As previously mentioned: You / your organization is invited to have an information table at these upcoming health care forums.

Details on our website: www.washclean.org

Please confirm if you plan to take advantage - so we know and can plan table space.
We are arranging a social hour / reception (conversation with panel presenters, etc.) beginning at 6 PM for each event. So, we'd like info tables to be set up and staffed by that time. Setup is possible from 5 PM (we'll have more details about the Shoreline event, soon).

ALSO: We have not made it a firm requirement - but I'm asking if co-sponsoring organizations (or individuals) would contribute financially toward the cost of these events: venue, printing, the reception goodies, etc. The Shoreline CC theater rental is $650, for example. For each event, we're incurring costs for reception beverages and light fare, a light dinner for panel presenters (so they're fed and alert), for printing programs and literature, and more. I know that PNHP-WW already indicated a willingness to help; perhaps others will, too.

Your contribution of $25, $35 or even $75 toward each event, helps to cover these costs. Right now, WPC is shouldering the administrative setup and expenses. Please call or respond to me directly (don't Reply All), for any additional info, or with a reply. Checks or contributions should be made out to: WPC Education Fund (we're a 501-c-3 tax-deductible org; and these events quality as public education activities).

WPC Education Fund
PO Box 70452
Seattle, WA 98127-0452

However - don't let this stop you from promoting the event to your membership, posting on websites, encouraging attendance, and having an information table. We all want a maximum of public exposure to the issue of health care reform, urging citizen action while the ink is still wet on any legislation!

THANKS so much for co-sponsoring or endorsing this event!
We're getting lots of interest, and I think we'll have quite a crowd.

Details on our website (click on the relevant links, articles): www.washclean.org

- Craig Salins
Washington Public Campaigns

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Message from Senator Maria Cantwell:

It doesn't matter if you're young or old, working or retired - at one time or another, we've ALL been frustrated by the health insurance system.

For years I have helped my mother with her health care, so I know exactly what it's like to try to navigate a system tilted in favor of insurance companies at the expense of patients.

Sometimes it feels like you're being nickel-and-dimed on claims. In other cases, you watch monthly premiums go up while your benefits stay the same. And sometimes it's hard to know whether your insurance will cover that trip to a specialist or that expensive prescription. And that's if you're lucky enough to have good health and good insurance.

Millions of American's have no coverage, and millions more have inadequate coverage. They live every day with the fear that getting sick or having an accident could spell financial ruin.

I promise to fight, and fight hard, to make sure that health care reform happens this year. But I need your help to make sure our citizens are heard. So please tell me your story. Share your experiences with the system. Share what you like or dislike about your coverage or share what it is like to live without coverage. Share your thoughts about what reforms are most important to you.

Share your thoughts on health care.

To protect the special interests that have a big stake in the current system, opponents of reform are doing everything in their power and spending whatever it takes to stop real change. It is essential to keep the debate focused where it belongs: on the challenges faced by health care consumers and the high costs that the current system exacts on our families. By sharing your health care story, you'll help me put a human face on a complex issue that often gets caught up in numbers, rules and regulations.

I want to hear from you today, so please share your thoughts.


Maria Cantwell

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Endorsements from the 37th

The 37th voted on endorsements on June 8th. Here are the results:

Seattle Mayor: dual endorsement: Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn.
Seattle City Attorney: Pete Holmes
Seattle Council #2: dual: Richard Conlin and David Ginsberg
Seattle Council #4: David Bloom
Seattle Council #6: Nick Licata
Seattle Council #8: dual: David Miller and Mike O'Brien
Court of Appeals, Div. 1, position 3: Anne Ellington
King County Exec.: dual: Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips
King County Council #5: Julia Patterson
Port of Seattle #1: John Creighton
Port of Seattle #3: Rob Holland
Port of Seattle #4: Max Vekich
City of Renton Council #2: Jim Flynn
City of Renton Council #6: Terri Briere
City of Renton Municipal Court Judge: Terry Jurado
City of Tukwila Council #7: De'Sean Quinn
Seattle School District #5: Mary Bass
Seattle School District #7: dual: Charlie Mas and Betty Patu

In races and ballot measures not listed, no position was taken.

Brendan Patrick
Chair, 37th District Democrats

Monday, June 8, 2009

KCDems Candidate Interviews Open Thread

Did you attend the Interviews this past Saturday and Sunday? Did you take notes? Please use this as an open thread to put down your impressions and what you thought of the interviews, the process and the candidates.

Also, if you have posted a blog entry about the weekend on your own blog, please post a link! I know that Shanna Sawatzki from the 46th posted a blog on the 46dems District Blog:


Post away, and let's share our knowledge in the runup to our Endorsement meeting!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Unofficial candidate list updated

The unofficial list of candidate filings for the 2009 primary and General Election is posted online at http://your.kingcounty.gov/elections/200908/candidatefilings.aspx. Of the 331 county, city and local taxing district positions on the 2009 ballot, more than 500 candidates filed for office this week. Candidates have until Thursday, June 11, to withdraw from office.

Learn more here!