Sunday, June 21, 2009

Co-sponsors tables at health care forums

Co-sponsors tables at health care forums - June 23rd (Tacoma), June 30th (Seattle/Shoreline)


Several items:

As previously mentioned: You / your organization is invited to have an information table at these upcoming health care forums.

Details on our website:

Please confirm if you plan to take advantage - so we know and can plan table space.
We are arranging a social hour / reception (conversation with panel presenters, etc.) beginning at 6 PM for each event. So, we'd like info tables to be set up and staffed by that time. Setup is possible from 5 PM (we'll have more details about the Shoreline event, soon).

ALSO: We have not made it a firm requirement - but I'm asking if co-sponsoring organizations (or individuals) would contribute financially toward the cost of these events: venue, printing, the reception goodies, etc. The Shoreline CC theater rental is $650, for example. For each event, we're incurring costs for reception beverages and light fare, a light dinner for panel presenters (so they're fed and alert), for printing programs and literature, and more. I know that PNHP-WW already indicated a willingness to help; perhaps others will, too.

Your contribution of $25, $35 or even $75 toward each event, helps to cover these costs. Right now, WPC is shouldering the administrative setup and expenses. Please call or respond to me directly (don't Reply All), for any additional info, or with a reply. Checks or contributions should be made out to: WPC Education Fund (we're a 501-c-3 tax-deductible org; and these events quality as public education activities).

WPC Education Fund
PO Box 70452
Seattle, WA 98127-0452

However - don't let this stop you from promoting the event to your membership, posting on websites, encouraging attendance, and having an information table. We all want a maximum of public exposure to the issue of health care reform, urging citizen action while the ink is still wet on any legislation!

THANKS so much for co-sponsoring or endorsing this event!
We're getting lots of interest, and I think we'll have quite a crowd.

Details on our website (click on the relevant links, articles):

- Craig Salins
Washington Public Campaigns

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