Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Press Release, March 28, 2012

For Immediate Release                                
March 28, 2012

Contact:  Steve Zemke, Chair, King County Democrats,, (206) 999-6095

King County Democrats Issue Early Endorsements,
Gear up for Caucuses

(Renton, WA) – Calling the candidate field “impressive,” King County Democrats issued its first round of early endorsements, as it embarks on the election-year task of scrutinizing nearly 300 candidates.  Following on its earlier endorsement of Barack Obama for President and Jay Inslee for Governor, the King County Democratic Central Committee’s Executive Board has approved the following additional endorsements as part of its early endorsements process.

Rep. Jim McDermott, U.S. House of Representatives, 7th District 
Rep. Adam Smith, U.S. House of Representatives, 9th District

State of Washington:
Bob Ferguson, Washington State Attorney General
Jim McIntire, Washington State Treasurer
Peter Goldmark, Washington Commissioner of Public Lands 
Bob Hasegawa, Washington State Senator, 11th District
Cindy Ryu, Washington State Representative, 32nd District, Pos. 01  
Tina Orwall, Washington State Representative, 33rd District, Pos. 01

Susan Owens, Washington State Supreme Court, Pos 2
Steve Gonzalez – Washington State Supreme Court, Pos 8
Bruce Hilyer, John Ladenburg, dual endorsement, Washington State Supreme Court, Pos 9
Bill Bowman, King County Superior Court, Pos.19 
Ken Schubert III, King County Superior Court Pos. 40

A second round of endorsements is expected in April. At that time, the board will likely consider crowded Democratic fields for key races, including the Secretary of State’s race (current Republican Sec. of State Sam Reed is retiring) and the 1st Congressional District race (Rep. Jay Inslee’s vacated seat).

“Typically, we wait to issue our endorsement slate. But this year, we hope to help candidates propel their campaigns ahead, through early endorsements,” said Steve Zemke, Chair of the King County Democrats. ”We’re carefully balancing our need to move forward quickly, with our membership’s need for complete information, building on thorough committee work.”

Motions from the floor for early endorsement in three races were tabled, largely until members receive information from the full candidate field, added Zemke.

The packed meeting, held Tuesday evening at the Renton Carpenters Hall, vetted candidates on traditional Party values, including “fairness, inclusion and a track record,” said Zemke. “We vetted some outstanding candidates,” he added.

Meanwhile, Democrats are gearing up for April 15 party caucuses. To attend the Caucus, you may sign up online at

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