Wednesday, March 25, 2009

King Conservation District election results

In the unofficial election results press release from the King Conservation District are:

Preston Drew: 1,357 votes
Mark Sollitto (write-in): 1,199 votes
David Mauk: 175 votes

This position has a three year term.

Read the entire press release here:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Young Democrats of Washington

Congratulations, Newly Elected Young Democrats of Washington Executive Board!

Megan Gustafson - President
Robin Ledbetter - Executive Vice President
Chelsea Tremblay - VP Membership and Outreach
Drew Pollum - VP Poly Leg
Jake Lundon - VP Communications
Amanda Nelson - VP Development
Chiho Lai - VP Finance
Tillie Gallagher - National Committeewoman
Aaron Belenky - National Committeeman
Andrew Peabody - WSDCC Representative

We support your efforts - you are the future!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Answer the call in Washington

The needs are all around us -- hungry families, neighborhoods not getting the attention they deserve, environmental degradation in sacred spaces. We have been called to serve by many of our political leaders, including President Obama, Governor Gregoire, and by the mayor here in Seattle, where I live. Now more than ever, our service will make a real difference in people's lives. At Democrats Work, we are asking an important question: how do you want to answer the call to service?

Please take 30 seconds to tell us what you think the greatest service needs are.

Here's just one example of Washingtonians answering the call this weekend: Brian Gunn of Auburn is leading a project in northern Pierce County to help restore the natural habitat of South Prairie Creek. You can join Brian and other Democrats Work volunteers on Saturday and help bring this critical stream back to life. (Click here for the details and to sign up.)

In the meantime, we want to hear from you. Tell us your top service priority today.

Community service, at its best, is directed at our most pressing needs and solves serious problems. I hope you will continue to help our neighbors and communities meet the challenges we all face across this state.

All the best,

Thomas Bates
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Democrats Work

Democrats Work connects the grassroots with community service projects -- cleaning up neighborhoods and parks, supporting schools, working at food banks and soup kitchens, honoring veterans. To learn more, go to

Thank Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray for co-sponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act

An important step toward restoring balance and fairness to our economy was taken today--the Employee Free Choice Act was introduced in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Your senators, Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray, helped lead the way by adding their names as co-sponsors.

Thank Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray for co-sponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act.

Now that the fight has moved to the halls of Congress, we need to take our campaign to the next level--and give more workers a shot at the American Dream. Congress will debate and vote on this important bill soon.

Your senators' decision to co-sponsor this bill is critical to demonstrating the broad support for the Employee Free Choice Act. With Big Business interests spending tens of millions of dollars pressuring members of Congress to oppose this bill, you should be proud that Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray are both fighting for working families.

The decision to co-sponsor the bill was not an easy one for senators and it's critical they hear from their constituents today. Thank Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray for co-sponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act.

With the most pro-worker Congress in years, and President Obama committed to the cause, this is our best chance yet to pass this bill. But it's anything but a done deal. Corporate special interests are twisting arms, spending millions on misleading ads and spreading lies and propaganda to block the bill.

Senators frequently talk to each other about how their constituents react to their votes and other actions. If we send enough thank you letters to Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray, they'll be able to tell other senators how popular the Employee Free Choice Act is among their constituents.

Thank Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray right now:

The stakes couldn't be higher--giving more workers a fair chance to bargain for better pay, benefits and job security will help restore the struggling middle class and make the economy work for everyone.

In solidarity,

Marc Laitin
AFL-CIO Online Mobilization Coordinator

P.S. It's been two years since corporate lobbyists undermined the middle class and blocked this bill. They were backed by the same union-busters and greedy CEOs who ran this economy into the ground--and they will stop at nothing to keep workers from getting a fair shake. Thank your senators today.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blue Ribbon Committee called for

Councilmembers call for Blue Ribbon Committee to review potential appointees for King County Executive
Hague and Constantine say open appointment process allows more voices to be heard

Metropolitan King County Council Vice Chair Jane Hague and Council Chair Dow Constantine today introduced a motion to establish a formal, transparent process for selecting an appointee for King County Executive. The motion would create a Blue Ribbon Committee that would provide for broader participation in the scrutiny of potential appointees.

“It is critical that we make the right choice with this appointment,” said Hague. “By allowing a wider range of involvement in the vetting process, we will ultimately make a better selection for an interim King County Executive without any backroom deals. A more thorough process with a variety of voices will help the Council appoint someone who will address the County’s budget issues, be responsive to the public and give the public confidence in the management of the office until the general election.”

“This is a critical year for King County government and we must move quickly to appoint an interim executive once a vacancy occurs,” said Constantine. “This process must be open and transparent, while bringing forward a pool of candidates who are both capable and viable.”

Executive Ron Sims on February 2 announced he had been nominated to serve as Deputy Secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Obama Administration. Upon his confirmation and resignation from office, the King County Council under the County Charter will appoint an executive to serve until the next general election in November.

The proposed motion would establish a Blue Ribbon Committee to review eligible candidates for appointment as County Executive. Under the proposed process, each member of the County Council may nominate two candidates, and a candidate would need to be nominated by three or more Councilmembers to qualify for review by the Blue Ribbon Committee.

Members of the panel would consist of King County’s separately elected officials –
the Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney and Assessor, and the Presiding Judges of King County District Court and Superior Court – joined by one representative each from:

• The Municipal League of King County
• The League of Women Voters of Greater Seattle
• The Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce
• The East King County Chambers of Commerce Coalition
• The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
• The Chinese Chamber of Commerce
• The Criminal Justice Council
• Organized labor, and
• The environmental community

The Blue Ribbon Committee would meet, on an expedited schedule, to review the qualifications of eligible candidates and to select two to five names to forward to the King County Council by March 31.

Camp Wellstone Training coming to Seattle

Signup Links:

Register today!

This 2.5 day training, running from 3-9pm Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday, and 9am-3:30pm Sunday, combines lectures from highly experienced trainers, stimulating exercises, and interactive simulations. We're counting on you to organize around issues that matter, help build campaigns for the future, and elect progressive candidates to office.

Camp Wellstone is divided into three tracks:

  • Citizen activist track. For people interested in citizen lobbying, issue advocacy, and community organizing, this track provides skills in how to win on issues.
  • Campaign track. This track focuses on how to be an effective staff or volunteer member of a winning progressive campaign.
  • Candidate track. This is for people who have made the decision to run for office.

The cost of Camp Wellstone is based on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. We are committed to keeping this training accessible to all. If you are able to cover the full cost of your participation in this training, please do so as this will help us continue to train progressives across the country; otherwise, you choose the option that works best for you. Rates are as follows: $200 (full cost), $100 (50% of training cost), or $50 (25% of training cost). This fee covers our book, Politics the Wellstone Way (activist track) or Winning Your Election the Wellstone Way (campaign and candidate tracks), materials, and three meals during the weekend. We are not able to guarantee space at the Camp unless payment is received two weeks prior to the start date.

This camp will be held in Seattle, and the location will be announced to registered participants. Participants are responsible for their own accommodations.

For questions, contact Jen Haut at 651.414.6037 or