Friday, March 6, 2009

Camp Wellstone Training coming to Seattle

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This 2.5 day training, running from 3-9pm Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday, and 9am-3:30pm Sunday, combines lectures from highly experienced trainers, stimulating exercises, and interactive simulations. We're counting on you to organize around issues that matter, help build campaigns for the future, and elect progressive candidates to office.

Camp Wellstone is divided into three tracks:

  • Citizen activist track. For people interested in citizen lobbying, issue advocacy, and community organizing, this track provides skills in how to win on issues.
  • Campaign track. This track focuses on how to be an effective staff or volunteer member of a winning progressive campaign.
  • Candidate track. This is for people who have made the decision to run for office.

The cost of Camp Wellstone is based on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. We are committed to keeping this training accessible to all. If you are able to cover the full cost of your participation in this training, please do so as this will help us continue to train progressives across the country; otherwise, you choose the option that works best for you. Rates are as follows: $200 (full cost), $100 (50% of training cost), or $50 (25% of training cost). This fee covers our book, Politics the Wellstone Way (activist track) or Winning Your Election the Wellstone Way (campaign and candidate tracks), materials, and three meals during the weekend. We are not able to guarantee space at the Camp unless payment is received two weeks prior to the start date.

This camp will be held in Seattle, and the location will be announced to registered participants. Participants are responsible for their own accommodations.

For questions, contact Jen Haut at 651.414.6037 or

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