Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Support our option to choose a public health plan!

From the Washington State Labor Council:

We need health care reform in 2009! But the chances of getting real reform are in jeopardy, and Washington Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray need to hear from YOU to achieve this goal.

As a fundamental component of health care reform, President Obama has proposed that businesses and families have the choice of keeping the insurance they have or buying into a public health insurance plan that competes with private insurers to lower costs and keep the insurance industry honest. Recently, proposals are surfacing in the Senate Finance Committee (on which Sen. Cantwell sits) that delay or dilute the public option, such as with private health "co-ops."

Sen. Patty Murray has publicly supported Obama’s vision for health care reform, including the choice of a public health insurance plan. But Sen. Cantwell has yet to unequivocally endorse a public option. Sen. Murray should be thanked for her support, and we must encourage Sen. Cantwell to stand with us in supporting the public option.

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