Monday, September 20, 2010

Please sign the voting pledge!!!

Imagine…it’s election night 2010. The first round of ballots has been counted. Initiative 1098, a major tax policy reform in support of schools and health care, leads by a handful of votes. Both I-1098 and Ref. 52, which creates jobs by renovating schools for energy efficiency, will head to an automatic recount.

Washington’s future – our ability to educate our children and care for our seniors – hangs in the balance!

There are only 43 days until election day, and only 25 days until voters receive their ballots in the mail. The scenario we are imagining could very well happen – that’s why we’re asking you to sign our pledge to vote today!

We have an historic opportunity to help build a world-class education system and invest in health care for kids and seniors. I-1098 cuts taxes for small business and property- owners while establishing a limited income tax on the wealthiest 1% of households. Both I-1098 and R52 are supported by the King County Democrats as well as local teachers, nurses, firefighters, and people who care about our communities.

The rest of the initiatives are sponsored by lobbyists and special interests. In fact, BP Oil, Conoco Oil and Tesoro Oil are all behind I-1053 because it would let them keep their tax breaks. The BIAW is pushing I-1082 to benefit big insurance companies like AIG. Wal-Mart is behind the risky liquor initiatives, and Big Soda Lobbyist the American Beverage Association has pumped in over $14 million to run a deceptive campaign behind I-1107.

In order to sweep all the ballot initiative races, we need 1.2 million voters on our side by November 2nd.

The only way we can do that is to identify as many supporters as possible, get them the information they need, and get their commitment to vote.

We need your help.

Please, sign our pledge to vote today and ask 10 of your friends to sign the pledge as well.

Please, read over the attached Fact Sheet, and let us know what you need to make an informed decision on all the ballot initiatives.

Do it for Washington’s future, for our kids and our seniors, for the education and healthcare systems that we know we need.

Thank you.

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