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Urgent action needed to support Clean Elections!

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WPC testified at the House Ways & Means Committee on Saturday - our bill (HB 1738) was on the agenda, #8 out of 22.

Once again we had a great WashClean crowd (thanks Monica, Betty, Louisa, Brian, Seth, Roger and many others!) in the audience and signing in "in favor". Also testifying: Katy Sheehan, on behalf of League of Women Voters. And once again, Mellani McAleenan, staff deputy policy director for the Admin. Ofc of the Courts, testifying that the Board for Judicial Administration (all the judge organizations, and others) has no position yet (they decide Feb. 16th) on the merits of the program - but they are against the filing fee surcharge as a funding means. We knew and know that.

Mostly a friendly reception by the W&M Committee - which was well-attended of course; a few questions, about how much participating candidates would get (as their campaign grant), and how to combat really large independent spending, opposing. We're needing to challenge the fiscal note on the bill - which is more costly than warranted; it says $640k per biennium - too high. We're working with Reps. Liias and Hunt, on that; and, we've obtained cost information from North Carolina on their program (which costs approximately $50k/year to administer.

The Ways and Means committees in BOTH Senate and House must vote to approve (pass the bills, in executive session), no later than Tuesday, Feb. 9th - or the bills die. So for the House, that means Chair Rep. Linville must have it on the agenda for a committee executive session, either Monday or Tuesday. For the Senate, it means a hearing, and then executive session voting.

We are now scheduled for a hearing in the Senate W&M Committee - Monday, at their 1:30 PM committee session. See this list - our bill (SB 5912) is #10 on the agenda.

So, Olympians and nearby folks - can you attend in Oly, on Monday? John King and I will be there, of course.

In Olympia, they're calling us "Nine Lives Lazarus" - can't believe the influence of WPC on the legislature, keeping our bills alive and moving. But I know it's due to all of you - our support around the state, citizen lobbying!

Never underestimate the power of the people, united!

But keep those cards and emails coming. Let the Ways & Means Committee chairs and members know that we want this bill passed along to the Rules Committee - see the list attached, or go here:

SENATE W&M Comm Mbrs:

HOUSE W&M Comm Mbrs:

The list is posted here on

Thanks! Call me if questions.

- Craig
Craig Salins
Executive Director
WA Public Campaigns
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