Thursday, February 25, 2010

The West Seattle Democratic Women take on Corporate Personhood

At our February 24th meeting, the West Seattle Democratic Women did their skit "Corporate Personhood", and we asked for a link to their video. Enjoy!

Note from Georgie Kunkel, who wants to meet the "corporation" in the video above:

I want to mention that the video was not produced by the WSDW. It was produced by Joseph Sacks, videographer, and Georgie Kunkel, script preparer and actor with the help of Flora Belle Key as corporate secretary and a young fellow who played the security guard. His name is mentioned at the end of the video.

Our committee to educate the public about Corporate Personhood has been meeting for several months to gather background material about Corporate Personhood and prepare to give programs for groups all over the area. I knew this young videographer and when I was ready to work on the video he offered his skill as videographer.

Cheers, Georgie

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