Monday, March 8, 2010

100 Days


Just over one year ago, I announced my candidacy for King County Executive. I sought this position to bring new energy and a needed focus on innovation and reform to King County government. I knew we could do better for the hard working people in our urban, suburban and rural communities. We can be better partners for economic growth, better stewards of tax dollars, and better caretakers of our environment.

After a long campaign, I took office in late November. Immediately, we began taking needed steps to change the culture of King County government. We're putting the emphasis on customer service, financial management, delivering essential services, and working with cities, the state and federal partners to invest in our communities and families.

I'm proud of the team I have assembled - led by Deputy Executive Fred Jarrett and a diverse group of experienced professionals who share our vision and values. But I have not forgotten about the "team" of people who delivered last fall’s victory, including you.

I want to pause as we mark our first 100 days in office and thank you for all you have done over the past year. And, I want to ask again for your help.

I ended the last campaign with a modest debt. Due to the generosity of many, we paid most of that by the end of the year. I am already looking forward to the next election. Even a small contribution of $50 or $25 will help maintain and grow the grass roots support that fueled our success last year - the largest “low dollar” donor base ever assembled for a local election in Washington history.

This morning, I will be delivering my 100 day speech before the King County Council. This speech will outline our Countywide Strategic Plan - a blueprint that integrates public input, Council initiatives, and the comprehensive reform agenda developed by my administration. Along with the plan, I am previewing Executive orders and policy proposals to jump-start the changes we must implement. It will take time and thoughtful, coordinated effort to realize our goals, but we're going to make it happen.

Yesterday the Seattle Times ran an article outlining many of our early successes, and the challenges we face. You can read the article here.

We're off to a great start for our administration! With your continued help, we can focus on delivering for the people of King County, and look forward to future success.

Thank you so much,


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