Monday, March 8, 2010

Executive Dow Constantine's remarks on March 8, 2010

It’s good to be back in a familiar setting among colleagues and friends.

It was just 105 days ago, Mr. Chair, that I chaired my last council meeting and then handed you the gavel. The next day I was honored to take the helm of this, one of the nation’s largest, most diverse and most vibrant counties — one with a history of innovation and transformation, and a future with boundless potential.

I’d like to first acknowledge my family—who are sitting in the front row. Also joining us today are members of my transition team and of senior county staff.

Between here, and our vibrant and sustainable community of the future, are a host of immediate and long-term challenges.

We must invest, without delay, in a 21st century transportation infrastructure that helps shape land use and create prosperity as our region evolves.

We must protect, in an era of diminished revenue, our health and the most vulnerable in our communities.

We must maintain, in the face of cost pressures, excellence in public safety and justice for all.

We must partner, despite antiquated political divisions, with our cities and regional governments, business and labor leaders, to focus on creating jobs and opportunity.

These are the goals for what my administration will deliver.

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