Friday, September 11, 2009

Contact Our Congressional Representatives Today!

The King County Democratic Central Committee website has been updated to reflect our support of the President's Health Care Reform Plan.  There is a bright yellow button on the homepage ( with a "click here to take action now" that will result in display of this page,
You may use the preformatted letter or write/send one of your own to the representatives (contact information is listed on the page as well).
KCDCC has a wide assortment of health care reform and campaign buttons; four are shown at the website.  The buttons and the new WSDCC wristbands are available at both the State and County offices.
Many thanks to Bertha McDaniel, Office Manager, of the Washington State Democrats who helped make the wristbands available through a very generous donor.  The wristbands are purple and etched with, "Health Care for Everyone Now."
Thank you,
Susan Sheary

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