Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Health Care Reform

We have just begun to fight, fight, fight!  Write to Senator Murray
today as she leads the team in the Senate that will put the Health,
Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) committee bill together with the
Finance committee bill.

Please use the links at our KCDCC website to write to our Washington
State delegation today!

We cannot give up now.  We have to fight harder!  The people want a
public option, and our Congressional leaders are not giving us what we
want.  If they do not include a public option, they should go back to
the drawing board.  They can just expand Medicaid and put in insurance
reform - and that shouldn't cost us anywhere near $1 trillion.  Then
when the system collapses in five years, we'll go back to the drawing

Congressman Jim McDermott, in a health care forum at the 34th District
Democrats meeting said,   "This is War!"  "If this goes down, we're
back to organizing for single payer."

Combined message from Dr. Lisa Plymate and Susan Sheary, KCDCC Chair

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