Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fwd: Health Reform Phone Booths

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From: Jeremy Bird, <>
Date: Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 1:27 PM
Subject: Health Reform Phone Booths
To: Susan Sheary <>

Susan --

Last week the President laid out his health reform plan and challenged
Congress to act. OFA volunteers leapt into action, generating hundreds
of thousands of signatures and calls to show grassroots support. Now
we need to reach out in our communities, spread the facts about the
President's plan, and bring new voices of support into Washington.

If you can spare your lunch hour (or a couple of hours whenever you're
free), you can make it happen. Here's how: Organize a "Health Reform
Phone Booth" in your area.

It's simple: Just grab some friends and set up in a public spot where
lots of folks will pass by. You'll distribute fact sheets about
President's plan and ask people to call their members of Congress on
the spot and voice their support.

We'll give you all the materials, phone numbers, and step-by-step
instructions you need to make it a success -- and when you register
your Phone Booth online, other OFA volunteers can join you to lend a

Click here to run a Health Reform Phone Booth near you:

Passing health reform won't be easy -- they've been talking about it
in Washington for almost a century. But we know that when ordinary
people who believe in change reach out, spread the facts, and help
folks from all walks of life make their voices heard, we can make

Thanks for making it happen,


Jeremy Bird
Deputy Director
Organizing for America

P.S. -- In August we asked a few OFA volunteers to test out running a
Health Reform Phone Booth in their area, and we got great reports --
even from folks who were pretty nervous before they began. Here are
just a couple:

I will confess that I questioned my decision to host an event the
instant I hit the send button. I imagined myself on a street corner,
handing out fliers like the guys hand out restaurant flyers. Relief
struck when the first volunteer signed up with me. Imagine how
thrilled I was when 15 had signed up!... We distributed 300 phone
booth sheets and 600 info sheets... The best part, one of our
volunteers was 79 1/2 years old. She was remarkable. Thank you for
this opportunity. I am very glad I did it, no matter how nervous I
-- Mark P. from New York, New York

We had two veterans tell us that they were very happy with the VA
system, and one vowed to write a letter to the editor to dispel the
myths that that system doesn't work. Many people thanked us for having
a booth and for trying to dispel the lies being spread by opponents of
-- Mike O. from Bozeman, Montana

Thank you,
Susan Sheary

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