Saturday, September 5, 2009

IDF Class of 2010 - Now Recruiting

From Jason Bennett, Executive Director of the Institute for a Democratic Future:

It's that time of year ... Institute for a Democratic Future is officially accepting applications for the class of 2010!

Do you know any talented adults, ages 21-36, who might be interested in this coming year's class? We will be accepting up to 30 'fellows' for the Class of 2010. Prospective 'students' may apply online or mail all of their application materials directly to our PO Box. We'll be accepting applications until November 20, 2009.

As you may know, the Institute for a Democratic Future (IDF) is a six-month long civics program for men and women focusing on three core areas: public policy, the legislative process and campaigns/elections. The program is entering its 13th year and we hope to have another excellent class who will continue to do great things post-graduation: working for our Democratic allies, moving public policy mountains, shaking up the Washington establishment, and of course, running for office.

Our six-month program, starting in January 2010, will take next year's class all over the state and to Washington DC. We will hear from elected officials, former alumni, policymakers and local leaders. We're proud of our alumni – and we boast their successes whenever we can. For example:

  • Kevin Van de Wege, IDF '02, who is a firefighter (Local 2933) in Sequim and is also State Representative from the 24th Legislative District, working to bring voice to working families in Olympia.
  • Dana Laurent, IDF '08, Political Director for Planned Parenthood, implemented the most aggressive field program Planned Parenthood has ever executed to help Governor Gregoire and build on majorities in the state House and Senate.
  • Sudha Nandagopal (IDF '08) and Kelley Drake (IDF '07), both of whom work at the Washington Conservation Voters and work to keep our elected officials green and moving a green, pro-environment agenda forward.

We have dozens and dozens of other alumni who are changing the landscape in Washington – too many to name individually. Labor leaders, congressional and council staff, campaign workers, political consultants, lawyers, policy staff, fundraisers, and engaged citizens who volunteer on campaigns or form their own political organizations. We are proud for our small part we play in these successes. Can you help us build our next great class? Do you have someone who might be interested in our program? We want 'em!

For more detailed information on the program, see our website: All of the deadlines and application requirements can be found there as well.

We'll be accepting applications through November 20th with interviews a few weeks after. Feel free to re-package this email and forward it around to anyone who might be interested.

Any questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us directly: or 425-395-4330.


Jason Bennett
Executive Director, Institute for a Democratic Future

206.579.0644 (cell)

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