Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fwd: Did you write your Approve 71 Letter to the Editor yet?

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Date: Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 3:53 PM
Subject: Did you write your Approve 71 Letter to the Editor yet?
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Dear Susan,


Have you mentioned Referendum 71 to someone you know and heard, "What's that?"


Too many people don't know about Referendum 71 and even fewer people know how important it is to APPROVE the referendum and keep the important protections provided by the Domestic Partnership Law.


With ballots arriving in the mail for the election, we can't afford to have people be uninformed or misinformed.  We need your help to spread the word.  Can you spare 15 minutes to help inform hundreds of people how important it is to approve Referendum 71?


Please write a letter to the editor today.  We have a very effective on-line tool that can help you compose and submit a letter to all your local newspapers in less than 15 minutes.  Please put it in personal terms how passage of the Domestic Partnership Law will affect you and families like yours.


So, take the time today – we have no time to delay!  Write a letter to the editor and help your community better understand the importance of approving Referendum 71.

And don't forget to constantly remind people in the online comments section for news articles and on blogs about the importance of voting approve on Ref 71.


Thanks for doing everything you can to make sure we keep our Domestic Partnership Law.





Josh Friedes

Campaign Manager







Phone bank at a call center to spread the word. If you live outside the Seattle/Tacoma Metropolitan area, sign up here to phone bank from home.


Change your Facebook photo to the Approve 71 icon and talk about Approving 71 in your status messages. If you run a website or blog, please link to with both a text and graphic link. This will be a big help to the campaign to create awareness for the site.


Link to Approve 71 from your email signature.


Change your voicemail message to tell your friends and family to Approve Referendum 71.


Print out and distribute informative handouts from our website.


Buy Ref71 Gear such as yardsigns, buttons, T-shirts and bumperstickers at the online Approve 71 Cafe Press store.


Ask the President or the Board of Directors of any organization in which you are a member to endorse the Washington Families Standing Together Approve 71 campaign using this link. 


Talk to all your friends, family members and neighbors about the importance of voting to Approve Referendum 71. Think of how many people you interact with everyday, and think of how many conversations you can have about Ref 71.  Ask people to take the pledge to Approve Referendum 71, and forward this e-mail to them so we can remind them to vote. 



Visit our events hub to find an Approve 71 event near you.


 Donate online to support the Approve 71 campaign
(or write a check payable to Washington Families Standing Together, and mail it to: Washington Families Standing Together,
603 Stewart St Suite 819, Seattle, WA 98101).


For more great things you can do check out:


Facebook icons are under

Spread the Word at the top, and handouts are under Handouts on the right.


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