Monday, October 19, 2009

What would I-1033 do to our state?

I'm posting two articles from Dick Conway of Dick Conway & Associates, publisher of the Puget Sound Economic Forecaster.

The first is Mr. Conway's perspective on Initiative 1033. In this article, he describes the general tax situation and what will happen to our ability to provide government services around the state if this measure passes. Here's a quote:

I-1033 is a lid on state and local taxes, but its impact would be more like that of a sledge hammer. Rather than letting the public sector expand along with the rest of the economy, it would knock down Washington state and local government one brick at a time. In ten years, our ability to provide the quantity and quality of public goods and services requried for a competitive economy and a high standard of living would be the lowest in the nation.

Is that what the people of Washington want?

The second article is a larger picture of our tax structure in Washington State. This is worth reading to see why we are where we are and what we might be able to do about it.

Dick Conway is solely responsible for the research and conclusions in this article. He has not been paid or sponsored by any person or entity for this study.

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