Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PDC Complaint Filed


Contact: Susan Sheary, King County Democratic Central Committee
(KCDCC) Chair, (425) 255-2679

Susan Hutchison's PDC filings riddled with errors, leading the King
County Democratic Central Committee to file a major PDC complaint
alleging 81 violations

Hutchison campaign is not paying for luxury Laurelhurst home used as
campaign office and nearly $20,000 in other mystery expenses are
completely unaccounted for, among numerous other violations

Renton (Oct. 13) – A check of Susan Hutchison's filings with the
Public Disclosure Commission has found 81 violations of campaign
finance reporting laws, including two major violations amounting to
tens of thousands of dollars. The King County Democratic Central
Committee today filed a major complaint with the PDC detailing these
violations and calling for a full and complete investigation.

"The sheer volume of these violations amounts to a flagrant attempt to
skirt campaign finance reporting laws," said Susan Sheary, chair of
the King County Democratic Central Committee.

Among the most serious violations is evidence that Hutchison is using
a luxury Laurelhurst home as her campaign office without paying any
rent on the property – illegally allowing her campaign to avoid rents
payments estimated between $10,000 and $20,000.

Use of this home as a campaign office is clearly visible here in the
KCTS Connects story about Susan Hutchison

Moreover, the Hutchison campaign has illegally concealed nearly
$20,000 in expenses from the scrutiny of the media and public. These
mystery expenses, late in the primary campaign, have gone completely
unreported in the Hutchison campaign's filings, a direct and massive
violation of the law.

The complaint also details dozens of other violations, including
failure to report required information, and repeatedly filing required
disclosure forms as much as twenty days late.

These violations come despite the fact that Hutchison employs a
professional campaign treasurer.

The full text of the complaint, including specific details of each of
the 81 reporting violations, is enclosed.


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