Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fwd: Why I am supporting Dow Constantine for King County Executive

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Subject: Why I am supporting Dow Constantine for King County Executive



Let me put it plainly: it matters who runs King County and right now this race could go either way.

The next King County Executive needs to share our progressive values and have the experience to steer the county through difficult financial times.

That is why I am supporting Dow Constantine for King County Executive.

Dow is the right choice, but first he has to get through a tough election and he needs our help.

The contrast between Dow and Susan Hutchison, his opponent, is a stark one. Dow is a proven reformer with the experience and record to change county government. He has successfully taken on the county's bureaucracy, passed a countywide hiring freeze and slashed administrative costs. He has also introduced a detailed budget plan, which will balance the budget, protect core services and not raise taxes.

His opponent has declined to discuss what she would do as Executive and will not answer simple but critical questions.

Dow is pro-choice. She refuses to answer. Dow has clear plan to reform county government. She declines to discuss what she'd do as County Executive. Dow is a proud Democrat. She refuses to state her political affiliation.

His opponent won't answer these simple questions but the record is clear on these issues. She has even given thousands of dollars to right wing causes and Republican candidates like George W. Bush and Dino Rossi.

This is going to be a close race and it will take a lot of money to let voters know the truth. Voting begins in just a few days. Your donation of $800 (the general election maximum), $500, $250, or $50 is essential to securing this democratic victory.

Join me in supporting Dow today.


Governor Chris Gregoire


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