Monday, October 26, 2009

Fwd: I knew we could do it

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Maria Cantwell

Dear Chad,

Last month, I co-authored a public option amendment that went down to defeat in committee. When that happened, many said that the fight was over. I never believed that and encouraged you to join me in this fight by calling on the Senate leadership to add a public option to the bill. In just 24 hours, over ten thousand people, including you, signed their names and joined millions of other Americans across the country who spoke up and made their voice heard.

Today, Senate Majority Leader Reid answered our call and announced that the Senate health care bill WILL include a public option.

This is a huge victory for supporters of true health care reform and I wanted to thank you for your vocal support. I firmly believe that this happened because people like you took the time to speak out.

However, make no mistake, we have more battles ahead. The public option, and many of other key provisions in this bill are wildly unpopular with special interests. In the coming days, tens of millions of dollars will be spent in a last ditch attempt to confuse the issue, taint public opinion, and kill reform. We are so close to victory, and now is the time to redouble our efforts.

Let's keep our momentum going. Please ask your friends to join you by adding their name to our petition at:

Thanks again for everything you do,

Maria Cantwell



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