Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fwd: A message from Congressman Adam Smith

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Congressman Adam Smith, Washington State 9th District

Health Care Issues Update

Smith Advocates for a Public Option

As the debate over how best to continue with health care reform continues in Congress and amongst the American people, a lot of information and ideas have been presented. I want to make it clear that I strongly support the inclusion of a public option in the health care reform legislation.

A public option is the best avenue through which to purse meaningful health care reform that contains costs and rewards quality of care rather than quantity, as our current system does. I have been in regular meetings with the House Democratic leadership to ensure that the health care reform legislation includes a strong public option.

While the public option is a vitally important piece of health care reform, there are other parts of reform bill with which I have concerns. I am continuing to work with my colleagues on these issues in order to ensure the best bill possible.

As Congress continues to discuss health care reform, I encourage you to call or email me through my website and share your feelings about the various reform measures that are being presented.

To follow more closely what I am doing in Congress to reform our health care system please visit my website or follow me on twitter and YouTube|

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If you have questions or comments please contact Debra Entenman,

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The Honorable Adam Smith
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Debra J. Entenman
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