Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fwd: The lies she tells...

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From: Dwight Pelz, Washington State Democrats <>
Date: Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 12:29 PM
Subject: Re: The lies she tells...

Dear Chad,

There are 12 days left in this election, and Susan Hutchison will say anything to win.

In fact, she keeps lying to the voters in an attempt to hide her true beliefs and her right-wing ideology.

Why does she choose to lie to voters? The answer is simple. Hutchison understands if the voters know the truth about her beliefs, she cannot win. Help us elect Dow Constantine today.

Below are some of Hutchison's outrageous distortions of the truth:

"I am non-partisan." The TRUTH - Hutchison has given over $15,000 to right-wing Republican candidates and causes including George W. Bush, Dino Rossi, and Mike Huckbee. There are no records of her contributing to any Democratic candidate.

On a women's right to choose - "I will uphold the law of the land" (Seattle Times 9/23/09). The TRUTH - Hutchison is on the Board of the Stewardship Foundation, a right-wing fundamentalist group that has given $425,000 to anti-choice causes since 2005. These include "crisis pregnancy centers" in Virginia and Pierce County, WA, and $105,000 to Americans United for Life, America's "oldest national pro-life organization." These organizations are trying to dismantle Roe vs. Wade.

"I support Sound Transit." The TRUTH - At a KING TV debate Wednesday night, Hutchison admitted she opposes last year's voter-approved light rail plan and supports the lawsuit by her biggest supporter, anti-light rail crusader Kemper Freeman, to block light rail across I-90.

"I have never given money to the BIAW" ( 10/18/09). The TRUTH - Hutchison personally contributed $1000 to the Building Industry Association of Washington PAC in 2005.  The BIAW is the most extreme anti-environmental organization in our state, and last year alone, they spent over $7 million trying to defeat Governor Gregoire.  

Make sure to forward this e-mail to your friends who may not know all the facts about this race. This race will likely come down to a few votes. Right now, there are still too many undecided Democrats who do not know the truth about Susan Hutchison. 

Please take a moment right now and contribute just $35 to Dow's campaign today. Your support will make all the difference in this race.


Dwight Pelz
Washington State Democrats Chair

p.s. Susan Hutchison lies to the voters, because she simply has too much to hide. Please contribute to Dow Constantine's campaign today, and elect a King County Executive who reflects your values.

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